Sangeet Samrat- Indian Classical Singing

Musical | May 24, 2024 - 1:30PM - 3:30PM

A showcase of Indian classical singing mastery. Immerse yourself in timeless melodies and our rich cultural heritage.

venueVenue : Mainstage
prize1st Prize : ₹4000
prize2nd Prize : ₹3000

Event Rules

1. This is a solo event consisting of 1 round. 2. Only Indian classical RAGAS and Raag-based songs are allowed. The use of any different genre of song will lead to immediate disqualification. 3. The singer can participate as a solo participant or can be accompanied by one instrumentalist (Only Shruti Box/Tanpura will be provided, and no use of karaoke). 4. The time limit is 3 + 1 minutes (including setup/conclusion). 5. The Judge’s decision will be final and binding.

Judging Criteria

1. Swar (Musical notes) 2. Taal (Rhythm) 3. Stage Presence 4. Bhava (Emotion and Expression) 5. Boli (Pronunciation)

Event Coordinators

1. Emmanuel Joseph- 9513090776 2. Afsaan Islaam- 8910581691


MVJ College of Engineering Near ITPB, Whitefield, Bangalore-560067

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